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Photography for Beginners


Before you decide what you want to photograph, start taking mental photographs of nice moments and beautiful things. Train yourself to pay attention to details. Details of how things appear, and details of how the movement of time brought forth what you are perceiving.

Photography for beginners should be a mental practice first. One must train their eye to look through multiple perspectives. We can practice this by either playing the character of a movie, and seeing and photographing the world through their view, or we can imagine what the world would look like if our eyes were lower to the ground, or we were to be shrunk. What would the world look like though perspectives we're not used to?

In Photo Zero, we take everything we need to know about the basics of photography and add a layer of inward examination. Photography is the art of capturing what the eye can see through a varied spectrum of lenses and apertures. Developing and nurturing the eye behind the viewfinder is more important than learning the technicalities of the artform. The art is your eye; the camera is the tool to capture what it sees. 

Turn your eye into a viewfinder. Add imagination to it. Breathe. You'll be great.

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