How to Make a Career as a Photographer

Howdy; First, you have to stand out. Everyone and their mom has a camera now so you are competing with pretty much everybody. And if you think life is going back to normal after Covid, guess again!  So what do you do if you want to establish yourself as a photographer? What do you do if you want to start photographing stuff? It's easy and requires no money out of your pocket or deciding what camera to buy. All you have to do is to train your eye and use your imagination. I go into it more in this blog post.

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Lighting in Photography

It's all about lighting. Literally.  The difference between a good photograph and a bad photograph is the way lighting is used. It plays a part in how color is translated, it plays a part in whether a photo is trashy or classy, it can even override bad composition. Hell, you can have a photo that is all dark but has a spec of nice light. Guess what? It'll be nice to look at. Practice looking at natural lighting and how it interacts with different surfaces. Find interesting shadows while you're out and about it. And if you run into a...

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Photography for Beginners

Hello; Before you decide what you want to photograph, start taking mental photographs of nice moments and beautiful things. Train yourself to pay attention to details. Details of how things appear, and details of how the movement of time brought forth what you are perceiving. Photography for beginners should be a mental practice first. One must train their eye to look through multiple perspectives. We can practice this by either playing the character of a movie, and seeing and photographing the world through their view, or we can imagine what the world would look like if our eyes were lower...

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